Fresh Frozen Portion Controlled Garlic & Herbs

What is Dorot Gardens?

Dorot Gardens pre-portioned garlic, onions and herbs eliminate chopping and measuring, making it effortless to season and flavor your cooking.

Where to Find

Find us in the frozen veggie aisle at your favorite grocery store, including Kroger, Target, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods!

How To Use

  1. Please do not remove foil.
  2. Keep frozen until ready to use.
  3. Press on cube from back to pop out through foil.
  4. Simply cook & enjoy.


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Cook with Dorot – No Mess, No Fuss

Dorot Gardens brings to you our signature line of pre-portioned fresh garlic and herbs. First, we start by growing our own garlic, basil, cilantro, parsley, chili and ginger.  At peak freshness, we pull our products from the fields, process and flash freeze into our convenient trays within 90 minutes of harvest.

With a two year shelf life you can have fresh Garlic, Onions and Herbs year round with the simple “pop” of the tray. When we say “fresher than fresh” we mean it!

Dorot Gardens pre-portioned garlic, onions and herbs eliminate chopping and measuring, making it effortless to season and flavor your cooking.

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It’s #SoupItForwardDay and we just had to repost one of our favorite soup recipes. Adding #ginger, #garlic, #turmeric, #basil and any of our pre-portioned herbs has never been easier. Simply pop in your favorite Dorot cubes and you’ve got a masterpiece. #dorotgardens #kitchenhack #soupseason ...

Sizzle Papi’s got the right idea! 🥩 Here’s how you sizzle up a delicious steak using #DorotGardens, the ultimate #kitchenhack! What do you think, did he nail it? #ginger #steakgoals #tiktok ...

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It’s tea season! Try our delicious #Turmeric tea recipe. It’s quick, easy, and good for ya. ❤️ #healthhack #teatime #staywarm ...

One of our favorite combos. Keep warm with your favorite tea and add a boost with our pre-portioned #ginger cubes. 🍵☕️ @wteananamint @dorotgardens // #staywarm #healthhack #repost ...

Keeping warm with some comfort food. 🍲♨️ Our preportioned garlic & herb cubes are the perfect addition to your favorite soups. Try these for some added flavor 👉 #garlic #ginger #basil #turmeric #cilantro #parsley 🧄🌱🍃🌿 #dorotgardens #kitchenhack ...

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Cooking simplified! ❤️🌱 Eliminate chopping and measuring by using our pre-portioned #Parsley & #Garlic cubes. #KitchenHack #DorotGardens ...

All the makings of a delicious meal. What’s for dinner? 🍝 #KitchenHacks #DorotGardens ...

We are all about our smoothies in 2021! Just pop in your favorite Dorot Gardens pre-portioned cubes for an extra #immunityboost this winter! #Ginger #Turmeric ...

Step into 2021 with some comfort food. Loving this delicious curry chicken soup by @unicornsinthekitchen! 🥘 The recipe includes our #ginger + #garlic pre-portioned cubes! Full recipe below. 👇

Planning for the new year and looking for comforting recipes? You’ve got to try our favorite curry chicken soup! I’ve partnered with @Dorotgardens to bring you this delicious soup recipe that you can enjoy this winter. With warm flavors this soup brings some sunshine and warmth to your day! I love having Dorot Gardens on hand because they’re convenient and taste great. You can find Dorot Gardens products at your local supermarket. Find a retailer near you on

2 tbsp olive oil
1 onion, diced
3 cubes Dorot Gardens garlic
3 cubes Dorot Gardens ginger
1 chicken breast cut into small pieces
1 ½ tsp curry powder
2 tsp garam masala
1 large carrot, diced
1 large potato, cut into small chunks
½ tsp salt
4 cups water
1 can coconut milk

Heat olive oil in a pot over medium heat.
Saute onion until translucent. Add garlic and ginger and saute for a few minutes.
Add in the chicken and saute for a minute. Add curry powder and garam masala.
Add carrot, potatoes and salt. Add water and bring to a simmer. Cook until the chicken and potatoes are cooked, about 25 minutes.
Add in coconut milk and cook for 10 minutes.
Top with chopped parsley or cilantro.

Repost @Elifisikalverson: Today I have garlic-potato soup topped with sautéed bacon and garlic mushrooms for you.  It is the ultimate comfort food for winter days like today. I used @dorotgarden crushed garlic from Kroger grocery stores. @dorotgardens products have a two year shelf life, so you can have fresh Garlic, Onions and Herbs year round with the simple “pop” of the tray. Dorot Gardens pre-portioned garlic, onions and herbs eliminate chopping and measuring, making it effortless to season and flavor your cooking. I hope you try it! Happy eating. ...

Repost @Karaswanson: Say hi to our newest littlest chef 👨‍🍳. Shep is always joining me in the kitchen. Which is super cute but also, difficult because I need to actually cook. 🤪
I love finding kitchen hacks that make cooking easier and @dorotgardens crushed garlic cubes and crushed ginger cubes are quick, easy to use, and make getting dinner on the table less stressful. Plus, it adds a ton of flavor to any dish— I love using them in stir frys! You can snag @dorotgardens crushed ginger and garlic cubes at @krogerco or your local groery store in the freezer section. #kitchenhacks #cookingwithkids #kitchenhelper

The secret to great digestion lies with ginger: the mighty root. Drinking one glass of lemon-ginger water per day can help promote several important benefits (and who doesn't want to feel lighter, balanced, and more clear?). Consumed daily, this easy recipe will have you on your way to better health.

#DorotGardens #themoreyouknow

Loving this Immune Boosting Chicken Soup by @Parsnipsandpastries! Visit for the full recipe. ❤️

Repost: When the weather creeps below 30 and the forecast predicts several straight days of snow it means one thing. #Soup, please. 🥄⁠⠀
To be more specific: Immune Boosting Chicken Soup. I take a few kitchen shortcuts here to ensure this soup is done in 30 minutes but still nourishing and delicious — such as using @DorotGardens convenient frozen ginger and garlic cubes and poaching the chicken right in the soup to develop more flavor.⁠ #DorotGardens

Nothing says colder weather like a cozy bowl of soup. 🍵 @Bigboxvegan developed this Curried Roasted Vegetable Soup using #DorotGardens pre-portioned Ginger and Garlic to infuse big flavor.

Head to to download his holiday ebook and grab the recipe!

What's the secret to restaurant-style fries at home? It's all in the sauce! Frozen fries get dressed up with a sweet garlicky aioli that couldn't be easier to make.

#DorotGardens Maple Garlic Aioli:

1/2 cup vegan mayo
3 tablespoons pure maple syrup
1 Dorot garlic cube

- Let garlic come to room temperature then mix all ingredients together.
- Serve with sweet potato fries, cooked from frozen.